• Chinese Monkey
  • I'm presented with the Judge's Choice award by Evan Kitson.

Landis Woods Outdoor Fine Arts Show 2016

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I had a very successful day at Landis Woods on Saturday Sept 24th.  My Original Pen and Ink Drawing of a Chinese Monkey was selected for a Judge’s Choice Award.  The drawing was created for my Chinese New Year Calendars that I print every year featuring the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac.  I try to find a Chinese story that I can use to depict a scene featuring the animal.  In this particular drawing I endeavored to give the monkey a chaotic behavior as he  jumped through a sacred grove of peaches.  I incorporated many kinds of textures to bring the piece to life from armor to tree limbs.  Here is the text that this picture illustrates.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, bounds recklessly through the sacred peach grove.  Unable to control himself, this trickster primate will soon consume all but one of these immortality giving fruits.  Constantly at odds with the Supreme Authority of the gods, Wukong makes up his own rules.  Even the Buddha himself was called upon to try to straighten out this incorrigible creature.

Many thanks to all who attended the show and to the organizers.  I hope to be a vendor/ artist there next year.