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Weavings, INK Art Gallery : My Solo Shows

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The Holiday Gift Show is in full swing at Weavings, INK Art Gallery right now.  The gallery is filled with affordable unique gift ideas made by local artists and craft people.  Once the show ends on Dec 26th, that date will also mark the end of the gallery.  There are only a few more opportunities to experience this magical creative outlet that has nurtured so many emerging local artists over it’s seven+ years of operation.  I was lucky enough to have been one of those local artists who was welcomed and encouraged to gather my work in several solo shows over the years.  I will always be grateful to the owners, Phyllis and Robert, who gave me so many wonderful experiences and enabled me to meet so many interesting artists and patrons of the arts.

My Solo Shows highlighted my interests in symbols, playing cards, the zodiac and mythology.  I felt a real sense of accomplishment viewing my work hanging all together on the walls for all to view.  It was so great to share these shows with new and old friends and family who were able to attend and often times purchase my work.   I learned so much from the experience.  It means a great deal to be able to connect with someone through your art.  Thanks to all who supported my solo shows at Weavings, INK.